Is the furniture in your facility being administered to as much as it deserves? Do your office doors appear to have more wear than you care to admit?

Keep the Bar High on Appearences
From a small touch up task to a larger refinishing project, Fresh Air Finishers will come to your defense against scratches, dents, scuffs and anything else that threatens the merit of your fine furniture and millwork.

Click on the link below for examples of how our services can benefit you:

Here is a case of a desk that was worn and needed a new finish. In less than a day, with minimal disruption to the surrounding offices, no dust and no odor…

…we were able to refinish this top and touch up the drawers during the day, ready for light use the next day.


Call us today to for a free assessment and/or estimate of your furniture assets, and we can provide you with a plan to make and keep your image first-rate.