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Wood Touch-Up

Doors, millwork and furniture can be touched-up when damage occurs.  We will fill in missing areas, apply a custom mixed color and then apply a finish to match the existing sheen.  This all can be done in your space with no disruptions to people working nearby.

Door Touch-Up

Touching up doors that are damaged is one of our specialties.  We can take care of damage from daily use, prepare a door for new hardware, and repair damage that occurs during installation.  We can touch-up, tone, or completely refinish the door, depending on your needs.

Color Toning

The color of wood can be subtly changed and made even by blending with a custom matched finish which we call a toner.  This service is often used on doors and panels that are discolored from sun exposure when signage is removed.

Wood Panel Damage Repair

After signage is removed we clean off any residual adhesives, fill the holes if needed, and apply a custom matched stain and finish to blend with the original finish.

Repair Wood Finish

Water marks under the finish from hot pizza boxes or coffee, etc., can many times be removed from conference tables, desks and other table tops without refinishing these surfaces.

Wood Preservation

Restoration of historic furniture, windows and woodwork is a time honored craft. Restoration isn’t just refinishing, it’s the preservation of history using proper conservation methods and skills aquired through education and experience.  We use “old world” techniques and products which enable us to match colors and finishes original to the period.

Wood Refinishing

If a finish cannot be touched-up, we will remove the old finish, custom match the stain, and apply a beautiful high quality finish.  This can be done on-location with no strong residual odors, no dust, and very minimal down time.  We also now offer a UV cured finish which offers a much shorter curing process.

Custom Projects

Whatever your wood repair needs are, please feel free to email photos to us.  We have worked on many unique projects and enjoy problem solving with a client to make your wood beautiful.

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How We Work

No Disruptive Odors  No Dust

The products we use are formulated to low-odor specifications using low-odor materials, ensuring environmentally safe and human-friendly conditions.  Portable dust evacuation systems connected to our tools keep the area free from dust when sanding is needed.

On-Site/Daytime Hours

We come to you saving time, costs and risk of damage associated with pick-up and delivery.  Our professional and courteous touch-up artists work in occupied spaces during the day without complaint of dust or odors.

Fast Drying      Durable Finishes

Complete refinish jobs are dry in hours, or with UV Finish 2-4 hours, and can be used the next day.  Our touch-up products dry in a matter of minutes.  Finishes are low odor and long lasting which will keep your wood beautiful for years to come.

Hi-Quality  Expert Color Matching

We provide excellent workmanship and artistry that is based both on our education and experience.  Educated and experienced, we take out the guesswork to ensure proper color touch-ups and finishing work.

Fresh Air Finishers Touch-up Artists

About Us

Fresh Air Finishers employees

The Team at Fresh Air Finishers

Fresh Air Finishers is the premier company in the Twin Cities for repairing and preserving the finishes on millwork, doors and furniture.   The company was founded in 2008 by David Smith and Dave Gunderson who employed Mitch Kohanek, their former wood finishing instructor from The National Institute of Wood Finishing at Dakota County Technical College.  The combined years of experience of these initial stakeholders was 65 years.  This breadth of knowledge has been passed on to their current touch up artists through formal education and hands-on learning.  We are proud of the work we do restoring finishes with the blending of techniques born of science and art.

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