You take it down…

…but it’s not always a clean break up.

Pictured is a perfectly good sign attached to a perfectly good wall panel. We see it all the time.
But this sign is no longer needed, and it’s time to come down.

There are many ways to attach a sign to a panel, so you never know what you are going to get when you start to remove the sign. Screws, glues, tapes and tacks are some of the things used in hanging a sign.

This sign hanger utilized silicone and double-stick foam tape.

And did you notice the color behind the sign is darker? Even after the adhesives are cleaned up, there is still evidence of the sign with a faded, or an unfaded footprint.

Behold! Fresh Air Finishers can magically erase the ravages of man and time, on-site, during the day, with minimal dust and odor.

And look at that color match!

I guess it goes to say that some signs leave a more lasting impressions than others!

One would think that with all of the holes left from this signage that it’s impression would have lasted longer…

…but Fresh Air Finishers was able to fill the holes smoothly and in-paint the proper grain pattern, making this another successful case of effective signage removal.

If this is the sign for you and it’s time to call us for that much needed repair, call us today to schedule an estimate.

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