Have you ever started to wheeze from your co-workers perfume ? Did they just lay carpet in your office, and the smell irritated your throat ? Did the soap you used leave a rash on your hands ? These are examples of what can happen if you have allergies to the chemicals in products that we use everyday.
There are over 2,500 different chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of different scents. Our world is filled with products that have scents in them. Some examples are soap, hand lotion, shampoo, cleaning solutions, candles, air fresheners, the list goes on.
The FDA regulates some products depending upon how the product is being used. Anything labeled a cosmetic or a drug is regulated by the F.D.A. This is because it is being applied to the body. Products like laundry soap and carpet fresheners are not being applied to the body. They instead, are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Cosmetic products by law, don’t need approval from the FDA to go on the market. They do need to be labeled with directions and be safe for consumers.
If you or someone you know has a bad reaction with a certain product. It may be difficult for you the consumer to find out what you are having a reaction too. Under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, product manufacturers don’t have to list the ingredients of what makes up there scent. Your doctor could find out what chemical it would be. He may have to sign his life away before the company will tell him though.
Everyones body reacts differently to the chemicals that are out there. Reactions to chemicals can range in severity. It can manifest itself as common allergy symptoms, headache, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes. A person may experience skin reactions like itching, hives and other rashes. More severe reactions include wheezing and difficulty breathing. It can even cause death just like any other allergy.
Most companies have rules in place for people who have issues with fragrances or other odors. Fresh air finishers recognizes the potential threat to health. Our waterborne coatings are ultra low V.O.C. and H.A.P. compliant. We have been using them for 13 years with no reports of allergic reaction. We will always strive to keep your work environment as odor free as possible. You should too, for those with odor allergies