Office Furniture Refinishing

We can touch-up or refinish your office furniture onsite with minimal downtime and no strong residual odors.


Is the wood finish on the desks in your offices worn out like this one?  We can remove the old finish, custom match the stain, and apply a beautiful high quality finish.  


We are unique because this work can all be done on-location in your office with no strong residual odors, no dust, and very minimal down time!!

Removing a sign is a delicate process that needs to be done with care to preserve the existing veneer. The area is then cleaned and repaired. Sometimes even after using great care, the panel will need to be refinished to blend the area where light has not faded the panel.

Here is the refinished panel, sign removed, adhesive removed, holes filled, expertly color matched to blend to the surrounding panels. All of this work was done by our expert wood finisher and touch-up artist Rick Bean.

Fresh Air Finishers has refinished many conference room tables. Conference room tables can be very challenging to move, especially if they have been fitted with electronics. Our wood finishing professionals can refinish the table onsite.

Here is a picture of the finished table ready for use without dust or residual odors.  Custom color matched onsite to blend with the clients woodwork.  Give us a call to schedule a visit for us to evaluate your conference table.

Water marks under the finish from hot pizza boxes, or coffee, etc. can many times be removed from conference tables desks or other table tops.

Sometimes the finish is old and worn out and needs to be refinished like this table, and we can do that as well.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out and assess the damage.