Punch List Knock Out

You’re down to the end of a project and want to leave your client on a good note so they continue to do business with your company. It is discovered that there is some damage to a some millwork that can not be easily replaced.

Who ya gonna call?

“I can’t believe how they made the damage go away, I was ready to accept the nightmare of having it replaced! ANOTHER VICTORY!!

End on a good note.
Equipped to work under the safest conditions.

Whether it’s punch-list-panic or un-planned damage, call the experts who care:


This vertical panel was badly damaged with chunks missing and jagged edges…
…we were able to clean it out, fill it nice and level, and in-paint the grain back on it!
We can come while you are still under construction, or even after the keys have been handed over, without causing distraction.

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