Fresh Air Finishers is famously celebrated for our service of skillful wood touch-up and on-site furniture refinishing.

Do you know what else our unique education qualifies us to do?

Wood finishing design, analysis, and consulting!

The heart of our business is problem solving.

We design, apply, repair, and maintain wood finishes.

We even help you problem solve before there are any problems, or more precisely, we can design a finish system to minimize potential problems…

…even if your problem is a good problem like, how you can bring out the best in the wood you are working with!

We work with property managers, designers, architects, builders, and even artists like the artists at The Yo-Yo Legacy Project, to customize a wood finishing system that really makes the wood grain come alive.

Any fan of beautiful wood and yo-yo’s will thoroughly enjoy the story behind these collectable yo-yo’s. Check out the Yo-Yo Legacy Project’s beautiful
yo-yo’s, their story, and their new Kickstarter campaign at:

If you think you have a wood project that you want to give your best to, give us a call.

We’ll be happy to help you with your wood finishing design, analysis, and consulting needs, and of course, your wood touch-up and on-site refinishing, too!